StudioWorld Provides the Largest, Most Complete Selection Of The Highest Quality Photography Backdrops Available Anywhere!

The StudioWorld Backdrops team focuses on one thing and one thing only; providing the highest quality suite of muslin photography backdrops in the market. StudioWorld is a division of TheatreWorld Backdrops, the premier provider of high quality Giant Format Broadway Class stage and event backdrops for the theatrical, commercial broadcasting, dance and event planning communities. Every backdrop that we make for our clients is held to the most stringent standards of backdrop fabric manufacturing and artistic production, resulting in the highest image quality in the industry. StudioWorld is a family owned and operated company that believes in being straight forward. All of our pricing is value based, meaning we won’t adjust prices or hide fees in the name of a “sale.” We offer products of the highest quality, at reasonable prices day in and day out.

During the past year the TheatreWorld team has been meeting with professional photographers, photography instructors, and our design and production teams in an effort to fully gauge the current photo backdrop environment. We have worked to develop a solid understanding of the product and fabric quality inconsistencies available from current suppliers, which have lead to dissatisfaction among photographers. Our team has developed a studio backdrop product family designed for all skill and budget levels. We have increased fabric density and weight across all of our collections to ensure that we provide an unparalleled selection of photo backdrops. Our production teams work exclusively with environmentally friendly paints, dyes and chemicals that convey the utmost sincerity, integrity and intensity of production, which in turn produces top-level results. Our processes provide truly consistent backgrounds, regardless of the lighting systems being used by the photographer, videographer, or display designer.

StudioWorld offers a full suite of studio and photo backdrops which spans the full gamut of colors, styles, types and designs. This allows us to meet every imagery need that you may have, from a colorful solid or chroma key background to an artistic master piece. Backdrops are available in styles ranging from: traditional solid colored dyed or hand-painted backdrops, to crushed, to reversible, to twist-flex, to masterfully crafted hand painted scenics. By design we provide a level of detail and quality that is unmatched in the industry so that you can produce the end result you and your clients are seeking and beyond.

StudioWorld’s production team is supported by a team of world-class artists who produce scenic and custom backdrops for professional users from theatres to photographers throughout the world. The team painting StudioWorld’s products have been specifically assembled to support your photography needs, but are deserving of having many of their works on display as individual pieces of art around the world.

Our hand painted Traditional Old Masters, Abstracts and Traditional Scenic and Sports Scenic backdrops are created by the same team of artists, which guarantees that you receive background imagery that has been designed by top artists, meticulously planned out and painted inch by inch. We use only the highest quality muslin, manufactured for both look and durability, so that we can truly deliver the best studio backdrops in the industry. StudioWorld will maintain multiple thousands of backdrops in our facility in Tampa allowing us to immediately ship most orders anywhere in the United States.

We welcome you to acquaint yourself with our backdrop selections. You can search by StudioWorld Collection, or backdrop: type, color, size, or price range that you need in order to make shopping as hassle free as possible. We offer our products in three Collections: Essential, Elegant, and Marquis, to be sure that we have the right backgrounds for every skill level, task or budget.

If you have any issues locating a product or wish to discuss a custom design please give our Customer Services Team a call. We are standing by ready to help you with every step of the process so that you can find or create the backdrops that you need with ease. Obtaining the highest quality backgrounds in the least amount of time has never been simpler.

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