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Professional Focus; Pet Photography Tips From A Seasoned Veteran

In the wide world of photography, there are a lot of niches that let photographers hone in on their interests and turn them in to work. Just ask Amanda Myers of A Style Photography in Winter Garden, Florida. Like many photographers, Amanda has a diverse skill set that covers many aspects of photography. She specializes in photograph restoration  and teaching students of all levels how to improve their general photography and Photoshop skills part of the time. When she isn’t doing that, she focuses on an aspect of the photo industry that caught her eye several years back, pet photography. She was kind enough to share some crucial pet photography tips that she uses to get those adorable shots.

a-style-photography-cat-in-boots-portraitAmanda was inspired to get into pet photography by her Aunt who has always loved to dress up her pets for parties and holidays. An animal lover herself, Amanda was struck by how cute her Aunt’s dogs and cats always looked. She knew that with the right equipment, she could carve out a niche with pet owners who wanted something special for their companions. As a result, she began accumulating her own collection of pet costumes, props, backdrops, and equipment. Before long, she had all that she needed to present any fur baby at their best. Having been in love with photography since the age of thirteen, she was happy to find a niche that she loved. Let’s check in with her and get some tips from the expert herself. Continue reading