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Take the classics turn with hand painted backdrops from StudioWorld

There are various kinds of backdrops in the market like the air sprayed, machine printed, machine dyed and hand painted backdrops. Narrowing it down, there are two primary ways a backdrop can be created- printed or hand painted backdrops. The printed backdrops are gaining popularity these days, but the classics will remain forever. The hand painted backdrops are classics and they are here to stay forever. There are various companies manufacturing hand painted backdrops, but it turns out to be a shock with the number of fakes around the internet block. There are sellers who might offer you cheap replicas, which look like hand painted backdrops, but are nothing but air brushed. The air brushed backdrops often tend to be more fragile in terms of quality and users would complain that their hand painted backdrop is suffering from mishap and the paint is chipping or falling down.

The hand painted backdrops are masterpieces in their own aspect. They need time and effort to be perfect. High quality and skilled masters can only create the perfect hand painted backdrops. There are various benefits of hand painted backdrops apart from the human touch and expertise. When using a hand painted backdrop, the lighting effects are more prominent on the cloth. The contrast of light and dark colors are more saturated on a hand painted backdrop. The hand painted backdrops offer ease of creation and flexibility to the creator as well as the user. There are no size limitations unlike their machine counterparts. In fact, for bigger backdrops like the ones used in theatres, hand painted backdrops are the best as these are the only ones used. Since these hand painted backdrops are created by several layers of paint on the cloth and designed by master craftsmen, the backdrops tend to have a longer term for wear and tear, though heavy. Studio world backdrops have hired great designers to create hand painted backdrops, which look like an artist’s dream. The studio world hand painted backdrops are professionally produced and fabricated by hand with the highest quality control standards in the industry. The hand painted backdrops are hand fabricated, hand dyed and crafted from a single piece seamless fabric. They offer no light reflection due the high light absorption.

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