Is .Photography For You?

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The internet makes it incredibly easy for your studio or photography business to connect with current and future clients. From email, to Facebook , and of course your website, the world wide web affords you an abundance of potential outlets to show off your work and book your next project. Earlier this year it was announced that a new top level domain was made available for the photography community. Now, instead of your website ending in “.com”, you can opt to purchase a domain name that ends with “.photography”. Is this necessary? Is it a good move? Should you move your site or claim an address for your future site? Let’s put the subject in focus. Continue reading

Why Choose a Muslin Photography Backdrop?

There are a variety of different options when it comes to choosing the material for your photography backdrop. From paper to canvas to muslin, it can be hard to decide on which is best for any particular project. So why should you go with a muslin photography backdrop? There are a lot of reasons to consider.

What is Muslin

Model in front of solid grey muslin backdrops
Muslin soaks up dyes evenly making it a great option for solid backdrops.

Muslin is a cotton fabric. Its origins date back over one thousand years, when it was often chosen for clothing. In more modern times, muslin has become a mainstay for those in need of background materials for both on-stage plays and events, and for photography. The cotton used to construct muslin backdrops is in a far more raw form than the variety chosen for contemporary clothing. It is also sewn a bit more loosely. One of the benefits of muslin as a background material is that it accepts dyes and paints very well and holds the colors for years. Internationally speaking, muslin is classified by grams per square meter, or GSM. This speaks to the overall density and is an important factor when picking out a muslin photography backdrop. Many of the muslin drops on the market top out at around 125 GSM. These drops are suitable for some purposes, but the lack of density allows more back-lighting to show through and creates a less sturdy fabric. StudioWorld’s muslin backdrops start at 165 GSM, and become denser as backdrop type or design call for it. Continue reading

The TheatreWorld Backdrops Family Just Got Bigger

StudioWOrld Backdrops packaging with cameraThe TheatreWorld Backdrops team is very proud to be launching StudioWorld Backdrops and our completely revamped studio and photography background collections.  During the introductory period, product pricing will be below projected retail values, shipping will be discounted or complimentary, and many customers will receive a “Free Membership” to our Emerald Buyers Club; please visit the site for details. Continue reading

Adding Depth and Texture to Your Photos With 3D Mottled Backdrops

Mottled designs are among the most sought after patterns in professional photography today. They provide a pattern of colors and tones that allow your subject to stand out and remain the focus of the shot, while beautiful and dynamic colors accentuate the background imagery. StudioWorld’s Production Team struck out to improve on these ever so popular designs. In addition to the improvement in the designs themselves, a dynamic outcome is our expressive 3D mottled photo backdrops.

A Brand New Process

StudioWorld's Chocolate Espresso 3D Mottled BackdropA yearning to improve backdrop designs and outcomes is what got the ball rolling for our Production Team. They knew that by reengineering the manufacturing process they could produce a drop that would go beyond top quality mottled designs and create something different, which addsdepth and texture to the design as a whole. The Team knew that while both dyes and paints can and do produce brilliant backdrops, only paints can create 3 dimensional motifs in a random pattern thus improving the aesthetics. They began by following the process, the same regimen used to create crushed backdrops. They use a cold solution based in environmentally friendly paints. Once the paint is applied to the milled muslin they allow each backdrop to dry in natural sunlight, like hand painted or washed, but unlike them in crushed form. Normally the paint would be smoothed across the muslin before drying, but with these drops that is not done at all. The combination of the cold paint solution, how it is applied, and the fact that the paint is not intentionally smoothed, creates a dynamic 3 dimensional look and random texture of 3 dimensional motifs all over the backdrop. It takes longer to produce and requires more critical handling, but the process brings out the vibrancy of the paints and adds visual depth. It also creates contrasting darker and lighter portions within the design itself which assists in creating the 3 dimensional motifs. It took a good amount of experimenting and calculated changes to the process, but in the end the result is a truly 3D mottled photo background.

Model in front of 3D mottle backdropThe team at StudioWorld is among the first in the world to offer this particular design in its perfect and present form. While other variations of “3D photo backdrops” are currently on the market, they are most often random variations of mottles, or much costlier variations of scenic or abstract designs that depict depth based upon how the artistry itself is put together. Brick walls or designs with spheres are common examples of what others provide. While StudioWorld will have designs like these available in coming months, we are currently the only backdrop provider who stocks mottled 3D designs with unarguable depth. A unique byproduct of these processes, coupled with the amount of paint used to create the design, results in a reversible backdrop. The back side presents you with a lighter colored mottled design, just like hand painted or washed, but in 3D it’s a completely different texture or pattern on the back, giving you double the value and double the background options for your shoots.

Quality and Selection are Key to Solid Photography Backdrops

Having a range of background colors at your fingertips makes catching the perfect shot that much easier. Here at StudioWorld we offer a full selection of solid colored backdrops that not only rivals, but bests most of the offerings on the market today.

Sizes, Density and Selection

Model in front of blue solid photography backdropAs with the majority of our backgrounds, StudioWorld’s line of solids is available in 8 sizes ranging from 5’x7’ to 10’x24’. In addition to making sure that you can choose the ideal size, StudioWorld solid photo backdrops are also available in three different densities. By choosing the right collection for your needs, you can select solid backdrops based upon fabric density, or grams per square meter. Our Essential Collection offers solid backdrops that are manufactured from muslin milled to 165 grams per square meter. While this is the least dense of any backdrop in our inventory, we are pleased to share with you that most suppliers out there aren’t offering drops this thick, even when it comes to their top products. Fabric density only increases from there, as solids from our Elegance Collection are based upon muslin milled to 195 grams per square meter, and our Marquis Collection begins at 225 GSM.

Size and fabric density are both important factors when selecting your photography backdrops, but they aren’t the only way to choose. StudioWorld takes pride in offering the most sought after colors, applied by the most detail oriented manufacturing processes out there. To begin the process, our manufacturing partner selects from environmentally friendly dyes that have been proven to produce vibrant hues. The fabric is dyed thoroughly, resulting in backgrounds that lack splotching or any other signs of inconsistency. The manufacturing process deeply ingrains the dyes, producing backdrops that retain their vibrant color for years. While washing may eventually cause any natural fabric to fade, our backdrops are built to resist any loss of color for as long as possible. StudioWorld’s selection of colors ranges from greens to reds, to blues, greys and whites and everything in between.

model in front of green chroma key backdropFor the Photoshop aficionados and videographers out there StudioWorld offers chroma key backdrops in every collection. While our green screen backdrops are highly popular, we also stock blue screen, grey screen and white backgrounds that make photo and video editing a breeze. As with the rest of our solids these drops are available in 8 sizes and across all three Collections. A must have in any modern studio, our chroma keys have helped photography professionals across the nation to obtain the results that they are after.

If you are in the process of building your backdrop collection, or simply need something classic to enhance your shots, take a moment to check out our solid photography backdrops. With 28 initial designs and more to come in the near future, there’s a good chance that our inventory has just what your studio needs. To make things even better, each and every backdrop in our inventory is currently available at introductory pricing.