New to photography or looking to replace some must-have studio backdrops for your ongoing projects? You can find nearly everything that you need in our Essential Collection. Each product in this section of our inventory will provide you with years of use, for less out of your wallet. It might be our most modest line, but we guarantee that the quality of our Essential drops will rival most any offering out there. The entire Essential line is 100% muslin, and ready for your shoots as soon as it arrives at your door.

Argent Dapple

From $89.95

Our Argent Dapple backdrop blends grays and white into stunning silver hues.

Autumn Harvest

From $35.99

Our Autumn Harvest backdrop blends your favorite Fall colors into a vibrant mottled background.

Battleship Grey

From $55.45

Our Battleship Grey backdrop delivers a neutral grey tone derived from top quality dyes.

Black - Essential

From $32.99

Our Black Essential backdrop gives you a must-have color for your shoots at an eye-catching price.

Black/White Twistflex - Essential

From $84.00

Our Black/White Twistflex backdrop makes setting up and traveling with highly popular background colors a cinch.

Blue Stratus

From $109.99

Our Blue Stratus backdrop is hand painted with deep blues and a touch of white.

Blue Tourmaline

From $69.95

Our Blue Tourmaline backdrop provides two different shades of blue in one uniquely constructed backdrop.

Bronzed Chestnut

From $62.45

Our Bronzed Chestnut backdrop fuses browns and white into an Earthy mottled design.

Burnished Stone

From $55.99

Our Stone Umber backdrop gives you two options for perfectly textured Earth tones.

Caramel Wheat

From $84.95

Our Caramel Wheat backdrop flawlessly blends browns and whites into mottled background imagery.

Cerulean Blue

From $79.95

Our Cerulean Blue backdrop provides sought after deep blue in a washed design.

Cerulean Silver

From $164.99

Our Cerulean Silver backdrop provides textured blue and silver background options in one drop.

Cherry Burgundy

From $75.99

Our Cherry Burgundy backdrop delivers a rosy hue in a striking solid red backdrops

Chocolate Espresso

From $64.95

Our Chocolate Espresso backdrop allows for backgrounds based in both deep brown and pink.

Chocolate Mocha

From $59.95

Our Chocolate Mocha backdrop blends brown with with white paints to create an aged washed design.

Chroma Key Blue - Essential

From $64.45

Our Chroma Key - Essential backdrop is a budget friendly way to improve your background arsenal.

Chroma Key Green - Essential

From $32.99

Our Chroma Key Green - Essential level drop provides a budget friendly green screen background.

Chroma Key Green / Black / White - Essential

From $72.99

Our Chroma Key Green / Black / White - Essential backdrops give you must-have colors for your shoots at an eye-catching price.

Chroma Key Green/Chroma Key Blue Twistflex - Essential

From $84.00

The two most popular hues for chroma key backdrops combined into one drop that folds down and travels with ease.

Cinereal Jet

From $114.95

Our Gray Obsidian backdrop provides two textured backgrounds that met a variety of needs.

Coral Burst

From $35.99

Our Coral Burst backdrop blends pinks and whites into a vibrant crushed mottle.

Cotton Candy

From $41.45

Our Cotton Candy backdrop blends humble hues of blues, white, purple and pink into a gorgeous mottle.

Dappled Moonstone

From $45.90

Our Dappled Moonstone backdrop covers all of your bases in the way of textured gray background designs.

Dappled Moonstone/Royal Aquamarine

From $84.00

Keep your options open with an easy to carry collapsible backdrop that lets you choose between patterns based in grey or blue.

Dappled Ruby

From $35.99

Our Dapple Ruby backdrop mixes deep reds with blacks to produce an eye catching crushed mottle.

Dappled Ruby/Golden Leaf

From $84.00

This collapsible backdrop provides a deep red mottle or a moderate brown pattern in a single collapsible drop.

Dark Brown

From $32.99

Our Dark Brown muslin backdrop blends dyes to create a unique hue of Brown on this solid background.

Delicate Blush

From $59.95

Our Delicate Blush backdrop mixes pinks, blues, purples, grays and white into a harmonious mottle.

Digital Chroma Key Green - Essential

From $32.99

Our Digital Green Essential backdrop provides the perfect green screen at a great price.

Digital Chroma Key Green/Lilac Slate

From $84.00

A portable photo backdrop that lets you choose between our Digital Chroma Key Green or the grey hue of our Lilac Slate.

Digital Video Green

From $64.45

Our Digital Video Green backdrop is dyed specifically for digital based productions.

Driftwood Taupe

From $32.99

Our Driftwood Taupe backdrop provides a neutral shade of solid brown on durable muslin.

Ebony Slate

From $109.45

Our Ebony Slate drop gives you two thoroughly dyed solid backgrounds in one easy to hang backdrop.

Emerald Dust

From $41.45

Our Emerald Dust backdrop delivers a darker green tone derived from top quality dyes.

Emerald Malachite

From $45.90

Our Emerald Malachite backdrop blends greens and grays into 3 dimensional perfection.

Golden Leaf

From $89.95

Our Golden Leaf backdrop takes a softer approach to blending browns into a crushed mottle design.

Golden Peach

From $79.95

Our Golden Peach backdrop blends orange, pink and yellow into a bright washed backdrop.

Honey Chestnut

From $44.45

Our Brown Chestnut backdrop provides a gentle brown hue derived from a precise blend of dyes.

Iron Grey

From $64.45

Our Iron Grey backdrop provides a solid grey muslin background for your projects.

Ivory Pearl

From $115.45

Our Ivory Pearl backdrop takes vivid gray to new levels with a washed finish.

Jasper Rose

From $45.90

Two sides, two color pallets that both provide smoothly blended 3 dimensional background imagery.

Jasper Rose/Sage Peridot

From $84.00

Switch out backgrounds from a crush painted mottle of browns and pinks to an elegant green and grey mottle photography background in seconds.

Khaki Bronze

From $95.99

Our Khaki Bronze backdrop blends browns and greys into a refined washed design.

Lilac Dream

From $119.45

Our Lilac Dream backdrop provides imagery that  has a lighter take on blues, purples, and white.

Lilac Slate

From $75.99

Our Lilac Slate backdrop adds a purple hue to a solid grey muslin background .

Marbled Topaz

From $45.90

Our Marbled Topaz backdrop blends purples, blues and pinks into vibrant background imagery.

Midnight Indigo

From $114.95

Our Midnight Indigo backdrop uses our deepest blue dyes on durable muslin to create a warm background.

Onyx Sapphire

From $109.45

Our Onyx Sapphire backdrop gives you the option of a vibrant blue or a staunch black background.

Opal Opulence

From $95.99

Our Opal Opulence backdrop combines blues, purples and hints of red into a smoothly blended mottle.

Oyster Wisp

From $104.99

Our Oyster Wisp backdrop blends greys into a lightly washed background.

Oyster Wisp/Obsidian Sea

From $114.00

Two ever so popular shades of mottled background combine to form one stunning twistflex photo backdrop.

Pastel Rhapsody

From $59.95

Our Pastel Rhapsody backdrop conveys a variety of blues mottled with pink for added texture and depth.

Pastel Rhapsody/Tuscan Sun

From $84.00

A subtle blue mottle on one side combined with a blend of orange and brown on the other creates one stunning backdrop.

Peach Parchment

From $35.99

Our Peach Parchment backdrop blends hues of orange with white into a stunning crushed mottle.

Pearl Smoke

From $62.45

Our Pearl Smoke backdrop delivers a darker grey tone derived from top quality dyes.

Pink Tourmaline

From $54.45

Our Pink Tourmaline backdrop blends vibrant pink dyes into a crushed mottled design.

Powder Blue Turquoise

From $45.90

Our Powder Blue Turquoise backdrop combines shades of blue that are inspired by gem stones.

Royal Aquamarine

From $45.90

Our Royal Aquamarine backdrop uses darker blues to create 2 distinct background options for your shoots.

Sage Peridot

From $45.90

Our Sage Peridot backdrop provides background options that focus on mottled greens and grays.

Sage Splash

From $54.45

Our Sage Splash backdrop uses dark greens to create an energetic mottled design.

Sapphire Dash

From $89.95

Our Sapphire Dash backdrop blends deep blues with white to create a gem of a crushed mottle.

Scarlet Rose

From $44.45

Our Scarlet Rose backdrop uses vibrant red dyes to create a highly sought after tone.

Silver Snow

From $74.95

Our Silver Snow backdrop mixes white and gray dyes to create a light mottled design.

Silvered Garnet

From $45.90

Our Silvered Garnet backdrop blends grays and black into highly attractive background imagery.

Slate Grey

From $59.95

Our Slate Grey backdrop provides a staunch metallic tone in a washed format.

Sterling Silver

From $59.95

Our Sterling Silver backdrop provides a medium bodied hue of gray in a washed finish.

Tuscan Sun

From $119.45

Our Tuscan Sun backdrop provides yellow and orange hues to contrast and provide focus for your subjects.

Velvet Blush

From $32.99

Our Velvet Blush backdrop provides a rosy hue of red that is perfectly blended and dyed.

Venetian Ochre

From $35.99

Our Venetian Ochre backdrop blends greens, oranges, yellows and whtie into a vivid mottle.

Verdant Flourish

From $119.45

Our Verdant Flourish backdrop blends greens and yellows into a highly noticeable crushed mottle.

Vintage Slate

From $84.95

Our Vintage Slate backdrop provides the perfect gray contrast for in-studio and on-site shoots.

White - Essential

From $32.99

Our White Essential level backdrop provides an affordable solid white background.

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