If you are in search of the absolute highest quality and artistry in your photography backdrops, then the Marquis Collection was designed specifically for you. Each background in this collection is ultra-dense muslin that has been hand treated and inspected. World class artists are employed to ensure that the Marquee Collection only delivers designs that combine first class detail and colorization. With selections for both studio and on-site shoots, every backdrop option in our Marquis Collection delivers the highest quality background imagery on the densest muslin in the industry.

Black - Marquis

From $94.99

Our Black Marquis backdrop gives you a solid black photo background to support your shoots.

Chroma Key Blue - Marquis

From $109.99

Our Chroma key Blue - Marquis backdrop offers a blue screen background on our densest muslin.

Chroma Key Green - Marquis

From $174.99

Our Chroma Key Green - Marquis backdrop provides a green screen background on our densest muslin.

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