How does shipping work? 

All orders ship directly from our facility in Tampa, Florida within 24 - 48 hours. We utilize ground shipping via the United Parcel Service (UPS) inside of the lower 48 United States, as it is most cost effective for you. 

What do you mean by “complimentary shipping”? 

In order to provide you the utmost value for your purchase, any order (after all discounts are applied) that exceeds $100.00 per transaction, will receive free UPS Ground shipping, no matter how many drops you purchase. Orders below $100.00 will be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 United States at the given UPS Ground shipping rate per each order. 

How are the backdrops built to be hung?

Smaller size backdrops (all sizes under 8x10) have a 3’ pole pocket at the top and a 1’ pocket sewn into the bottom, these backdrops are designed to support most manual systems. The seams of all smaller sized backdrops are sewn to produce over-locked edging that keeps the seams intact for years to come.

Medium sized drops (8x10) are outfitted with 4’ pole pockets as well as grommets at the top and a 1’ pole pocket at the bottom. Like our smaller sizes, medium sized drops have over-locked sides that are sewn in during the production phase.

Larger sizes (all sizes over 10x10) have a 4” pole pocket on both sides as well as grommets on the top side to provide you with a variety of means of hanging your drop(s), and to meet the needs of mechanical systems used at many professional studios. All of our larger backdrops in Solid, Crush Dyed and Painted Mottle designs are machine-crimped at the sides to produce seams that will not fray. All other designs are finished with over-locked sides that are sewn to form a durable edge.

What is the significance of GSM? 

GSM, or grams per square meter, is a measurement of how dense the muslin fabric that our backdrops are made of is. Thicker, heavier backdrops work to better block background light and reduce reflections, while providing a more durable, superiorly built product. Traditionally in the photography and studio backdrop industry most suppliers provide backdrops that fall between 120 and 140 grams per square inch. Studioworld’s selection starts off at 165 GSM in our Essential Collection, and is steadily increased for backdrops in our Elegant and Marquee Collections. Specific GSM figures are reported within the “Technical Specifications” section of each backdrops information page.

What is your return policy? 

It is our constant goal to provide a flawless product that advances the quality of your shoots and projects. In the event that a backdrop arrives damaged we do allow approved returns that are reported to and approved by our team. 

  • We are in an inventory close-out sale. If you wish to return a backdrop for any reason other than product defect, we will not be able to provide you with a refund as all sales are final with no refunds or exchanges.

  • If your product is defective, provide us with details about the issue; we may request that you email us a detailed description along with photographs of the damaged or defected product.

  • If the package itself arrives at your location visibly damaged, take a picture of the damaged package before you open it. This will assist us in communicating with our shipping partners.

  • Once the product has arrived at our facility our team will inspect the backdrop for damage. Alterations or signs of use will disqualify any product from being eligible for a return. All returned products must be shipped back in their original packaging which must include all materials that were shipped out, including but not limited to: tags, instruction manuals, and carrying cases.

  • If you have any questions whatsoever about our Return Policy do not hesitate to contact us for immediate assistance and clarification. You may email us at info@StudioWorldBackdrops.com or call us at 1.855.SWB.DROPS (1.855.892.3767).

What is your privacy policy? 

We understand exactly how valuable your privacy is. We also believe in being open and honest with our customers. In an effort to remain as transparent as possible we would like to share a few facts about how we organize and manage information that you provide for us.

We DO NOT sell or freely share any personal information that you provide us with any third party vendors. With the exception of ensuring that your products are shipped to the correct address via our shipping partners we keep all information in-house. This includes any and all information that you provide when: making an inquiry, making a purchase, or signing up for email lists and special promotions, or any other form of contact.

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