Terms of Use

Please take a moment to read this terms of use document. It describes your rights, duties and limitations that apply when purchasing any products from StudioWorld Backdrops. The policies put into place in this document apply to any and all purchases made.

Acceptance of Products
Once you have received and retained any product(s) for more than 14 days you have accepted the product. Please read our Return Policy for information on how to return products that arrived damaged and defected.

StudioWorld Backdrops Return Policy
It is our constant goal to provide a flawless product that advances the quality of your shoots and projects. In the event that a backdrop arrives damaged we do allow approved returns that are reported to and approved by our team.

What We Need You to Do

  • We are in an inventory close-out sale. If you wish to return a backdrop for any reason other than product defect, we will not be able to provide you with a refund as all sales are final with no refunds or exchanges.
  • If the package itself arrives at your location visibly damaged, take a picture of the damaged package before you open it. This will assist us in communicating with our shipping partners.
  • If the package arrives without any visible damage or defect, or you have already photographed the damaged package, open up the backdrop and inspect it. Take note of any rips, tears, discoloration, or any other form of damage or defect.
  • Contact our customer service team within 14 days of delivery of the backdrop. Products are not eligible for return after 14 days of receipt. Provide us with details about the issue; we may request that you email us a detailed description along with photographs of the damaged or defected product.
  • Once we have spoken with you our team will provide you a reference number for your return, and update you on the best means of shipping the product back to us.
  • Once the product has arrived at our facility our team will inspect the backdrop for damage. Alterations or signs of use will disqualify any product from being eligible for a return. All returned products must be shipped back in their original packaging which must include all materials that were shipped out, including but not limited to: tags, instruction manuals, and carrying cases.
  • It is our pleasure to work with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Once our team has fully approved a return, we will happily offer you an even exchange or store credit for the full purchase amount of the damaged item.
  • If you have any questions whatsoever about our Return Policy, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate assistance and clarification.

Payment terms are put into place at the sole discretion of StudioWorld Backdrops. Payments are made by credit card on our website at the time of purchase. Any other payment terms must be negotiated individually and put into writing by StudioWorld Backdrops before the purchase and payment process is to be considered final. Invoices will be delivered to you via email after purchase and payment are confirmed. StudioWorld Backdrops reserves the right to invoice products separately. Data entry, typographical and pricing errors may at some times occur. In these events StudioWorld Backdrops reserves the right to adjust final price or cancel an order at any time.

Shipping Charges
Unless otherwise stated or included in ongoing promotions shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the customer. StudioWorld Backdrops ships products via UPS Ground, unless otherwise agreed upon and put into writing. Items that are lost or damages in shipping via UPS ground will be the responsibility of StudioWorld Backdrops. All lost and damaged items must be reported to StudioWorld Backdrops within 14 days of receipt and will be processed via our Return Policy.

Warranty Information
All products sold by StudioWorld Backdrops are high quality studio and photography equipment. No warranties express or implied, are offered on our products once an intact product has been received by the customer.

Product Insurance
All backdrops are insured by our shipping partner at a value of up to $100.00 USD per package. This level of insurance applies solely to the shipping process. No additional insurance is provided above and beyond this level.

Inventory Changes
StudioWorld Backdrops will make inventory updates, additions and deletions at any time. All inventory offerings are subject to change at the sole discretion of StudioWorld Backdrops. Orders taken or requested on discontinued products will be cancelled in the event that they occur. This includes but is not limited to: holding an item in a shopping cart, ordering additional items that have been discontinued, etc.

Liability Limitations
StudioWorld Backdrops does not accept liability for any occurrences or events beyond the scope of this agreement including but not limited to: loss of revenue, damages, unavailability of a product or any hardware/software issues that may occur as a result of visiting our website. Products are sold exclusively for the purposes for which they were designed, to provide background imagery for photographers and videographers, any use or misuse of any product that causes damage after the purchase has been made final is not the liability of StudioWorld Backdrops.

Furthermore StudioWorld Backdrops is not liable for any damage or loss, either direct or indirect that may occur as a result of using our website or any of our products, regardless of cause.

Linking and Third Parties
At times StudioWorld Backdrops may link to other websites for informational purposes. Links are not to be considered endorsements for or a guarantee that any other online entity is associated directly with StudioWolrd Backdrops. Any information submitted to linked websites is given at the risk of the user and will not be considered a liability of StudioWorld Backdrops. StudioWorld Backdrops does not share or sell any information that you provide them with any third parties, with the exception of providing their shipping partners with your preferred shipping destination.

Legal Implications and Governing Laws
Any legal actions and occurrences will be governed by Florida State law, and any hearings or arbitrations will take place in Hillsborough County Florida.

Corporate Structure
StudioWorld Backdrops is a corporate entity that is registered doing business as a division of TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC, state of Florida.

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